Saturday, March 7, 2015

'FOODS 2015' - Project by 'Magmart', Naples, Italy

The aim of the project FOODS is to explore the zone around the boundary line between abundance and famine, anorexia and bulimia, body and soul, and any other antimony amenable to the concept of food/aliment.
The project involves 13 artists, each of them will produce a video freely interpreting the theme of the project.


Recep Akar   (Turkey)
Gerard Cairaschi   (France)
Khalil Charif   (Brazil)
Didier Feldman   (France)
Francesca Fini   (Italy)
Khaled Hafez   (Egypt)
Mohammed Harb   (Palestine)
Barbara Hertiman   (Venezuela)
Francesca Llopis   (Spain)
Lina Alejandra Pulido Barragán   (Colombia)
John Sanborn   (United States)
Ssm Idd   (Germany)
Venugopal V.G.   (India)

Around the Platter

 “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”
In a society which is surging towards the globalization in every aspect, there are significant transformations taking place in our consumer culture. As we are into innovations in food-processing, our eating habits are redefined; with genetically modified crops coming into the kitchen, there are a lot of debates and discussions about the consequences and future food patterns. With the increased gap between rural-urban lifestyles, the consumption of food is being reduced from ritual to compulsion. Our urban community has developed into a more cosmopolitan culture, which is influencing in our consumption methodology.

Around the Platter is an attempt to envisage these concerns using pictorial sequences culminating with the idea of ‘feed the world’.

'Around the Platter' (still from the video)      Stop Motion Animation      05.07 min

Around the Platter' (still from the video)      Stop Motion Animation      05.07 min

Pls check the following link to view the video:

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