Thursday, May 10, 2012

'MAGMART' International Video Art Festival (VII Edition), Naples, Italy

List of Awarded Videos:

Alone    (Matilde De Feo / Italy) | Art Must Be Original, Artist Must Be Original    (Eero Yli-Vakkuri / Finland) | Blood    (Francesca Fini / Italy) | Calico    (Mauricio Sanhueza / Peru) | Ceremonies & Rituals    (David Oppenheim / Israel) | Chal diye    (Nida Fatima Khan / Canada)| DanseV#3-Absence    (Hervé Penhoat / France) | Digital Intemediated Swimming    (Hyung-suk Lee / South Korea) | [ Double Bind ]    (Red Bind - Gilivanka Kedzior & Barbara Friedman / France) | Elusive Entity    (Venugopal V.G. / India) | Figures    >(Cláudia Melo / Portugal) | Four winds    (Matías Montarcé / Spain) | Hisab    (Ezra Wube / Ethiopia) | Human Alienation    (Chiara Mazzocchi / Germany) | Liquid jail    (Matías Montarcé / Spain) | Lumpen    (Daniel Ivan / Mexico) | Maenad    (Ryley O'Byrne / Canada) | Pagan Inner    (Alessandro Amaducci / Italy) | Pascal's room    (Jimmy Roche / United States) | Re.birth    (Andreas Mares / Austria) | Rewind    (Recep Akar / Turkey) | Rgb    (Mario Raoli / Italy) | Sacrificus economicus    (Thomas Godenaire Paupère / France) | Shedding    (Alessandro Amaducci / Italy) | SP #3    (Carl Knickerbocker / United States) | Star of Tyche    (Nara Denning / United States Minor Outlying Islands) | Wired    (Eli Souaiby / Lebanon) | Wounds    (Benjamin Fox / United Kingdom) | WuXing: Huo    (Jac Min / Singapore) | 3 Steps    (Revital Ray-V Elkayam / Israel)| 9 times    (Sandra Dollo / Germany)

Continuing my preoccupation with the self imagery after a series of paintings, this is an attempt to expand the thought into the moving images where the 'self' is involved in chasing the intangible urban dreams. The elusive mythical character of 'golden deer' repeatedly and endlessly haunts the protagonist within the urban backdrop. The series of visuals portray an interpretation of everyday reality and nurtures the fragile feelings of human emotions and the images are caught between complex situations and dilemmas of reality.

'MY CITY' curated by Giridhar Khasnis, Sublime Galleria, Bangalore (April-May 2012)


The city means different things to different people. Our perception of the city is not a constant but ever changing. In this show, six artists ‘enter’ the city through different vantage points, and explore its colours and contours in unique ways. In their work, they offer fresh and diverse perspectives, subtly hinting at the city’s delights and mysteries; symbols and emblems; shades and nuances; burdens and trappings; relationships and contradictions. The paintings in this exhibition are not just pretty pictures or empty slogans. They are little vignettes of and delicate commentaries on the city; each one presented with intimate feeling, contemplation and unpretentious understanding. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Re-Flex @ BAR 1 curated by Christoph Storz

SAY IT LOUD: (Printed/Used Flex,Binding Wire and Paper Mache) 1ft X 1ft
‘In a city with multicultural identity, every morning we wake up to encounter new visuals through hoardings and banners. With the increased use of flex banners in political and religious activities, every celebration has become louder, noisy and chaotic.’