Tuesday, November 9, 2010

recent watercolurs

In my recent works I've used the form of hanging t-shirts to make various visual statements in the urban context. As the t-shirt with words are becoming the symbol of urban youth and in that context my images addresses many issues related to the urban identity. The see-through forms project a perception of 'presence' as well as 'absence' of the visual simultaneously.
These are couple of my recent watercolurs....

vgvenu, nov.2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Recent Activities...

Trellis Artists’ Circle (T.A.C.) initiated by ten individuals with a single thread of practice binding them together. It began as an informal collective for the enjoyment of the diverse forms of printmaking and as its first group activity we came together to create portfolio of limited edition woodcut prints.
The artists partcipated in the workshop:

Deepti Sharma, New Delhi
Harisha V, Bangalore
Lina Vincent Sunish, Bangalore
Prasad K.J, Tumkur
Sachin D. Naik, Goa
Satish S, Bangalore
Urmila V.G, Bangalore
Vaidehi Raja, Bangalore
V.G.Venugopal, Bangalore
Vijayasarathy C.N, Bangalore

We are extremely greatful to 'Gallery One' in Udaipur for displaying the works and thanks to Mr.Waswo who himself took the responsibility of a very creative display (refer pictures below).
Under Trellis Artists Circle, we are planning to have more diverse activities in future with a greater emphasis on various printmaking mediums