Wednesday, March 12, 2014

'LOST IN TRANSITION' curated by Avijit Dutta @ The Harrington Street Arts Centre, Kolkata (January 2014)

With change of time, new inventions come our way as a necessity for more comfort, to communicate within and minimal time span reasons. Every decade establishes the fact strongly that ‘time is money’. In this whole hustle and bustle of things we tend to forget that certain things invented in the past were quite relevant in their own life time but their importance diminished with time and was, replaced with something faster, easier and more economical. Many of the old practices and art got lost or dying with this transition. In the same manner the art of writing and the pleasure of receiving a letter started to die with time. The emails, after invention of the computers and the internet might have tried to keep alive that very emotion and the art of writing a letter which somehow couldn't survive the pressure mounted by the demand of the times. So what happens to the glory of the envelopes and the post cards? Do we just forget them and move on with time? Keep the old practice wrapped up in a velvet cloth and store them in our old trunks and let the future generation never experience the emotions and happiness attached with it?.
Being part of the experience of writing and receiving letters at some point of time made me come up with this show which hopes to bring back the nostalgia of handwritten letters. The title of the show is ‘Lost in Transition’. 

Avijit Dutta, Curator

Acrylic Colours on Wooden Post Box

'Mayamriga'   Watercolour on Paper (postcard)

'Aganthuka'    Watercolour on Paper (postcard)

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