Friday, February 2, 2018

Reimagining: (Un)Reality and Space curated by Nalini S Malaviya @ YepArt, Bangalore

Reimagining: (Un)Reality and Space

Debraj Goswami
Kalyan S Rathore
Maripelly Praveen Goud
Muktinath Mondal
Murali Cheeroth
V G Venugopal

Observation, truth and materiality interweave to create alternative realities that occupy a realm which is corporeal, yet fictitious, clouding lines of physicality of dimensions. The plurality inherent in existing and functioning within these coordinates, challenge and inspire individuals to explore the intrinsic harmony and conflict embedded in such systems, and simultaneously imagine new spaces. Notions of identity and placement amidst variables construct fresh associations and connotations, where the resulting topography is a visually enriching landscape capturing points of dissonance and accord, shifts in reality, and reimagined spaces.
The curatorial endeavour ‘Reimagining: (Un)Reality and Space’ attempts to explore this conceptual premise through the works of a select group of artists and to take a closer look at their practice, in response to and within the physical and metaphorical space which they occupy and sustain in their art making.

Nalini S Malaviya
Art Consultant and Writer 

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