Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I have been working with the medium of water-colours for quite a long time now; since last couple of years it’s become a consistent medium for my practice. Working with the fluidity and the translucent character of the medium has always been a fascinating experience. The current series of small format works are the outcome of my travel to Leh-Ladakh and I consider them as memoirs or pages from my diary. The process of creating these works became an enjoyable experience by recollecting from memory as well as from documented images through photography. I have tried to explore the captivating topographical details, cultural diversity, the ruggedness of the hills and the unique atmospheric details emphasizing on the basic characteristics of the medium.

June 2014

(Water-Colours on  Paper,  13 X 20 cm,  2014)


Rupesh said...

Awesome Venu.

vgvenu said...

Thank you Rupesh...:)