Friday, March 11, 2011

"Sethusamudram" Residency at Theertha International Artists' Collective, Sri Lanka

'Sethu Samudram', the art project that Theertha Internatioal Artists' Collective, Sri Lanka and No.1 Shanthi Road, Bangalore, India has developed collectively is envisioning to engage with and address this highly complex and variegated history and emotions surrounding the concept of Sethu Samudram, a mythical bridge that existed between India and Sri Lanka and foreground the links, similarities, and shared anxieties, emotions and histories between the two geographical areas.
The two countries, India and Sri Lanka, share more than just a geographical affinity; we have always been intertwined with history, mythology and a turbulent geopolitical situation.
The overall research area of the art project will cover a wide area of study that include society, politics, history, religion, mythology as relevant to Sri Lanka and India. The SETHU SAMUDRAM project would like to engage in the wider discussion of history navigating through the contemporary dynamics of art (involvement with, and discussion on ideological and methodological innovations of visual arts) within the region.
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